What is a Widget?
A Widget is a user-friendly, portable application that is easily dropped into a website, blog, social networking page, or computer desktop that allows you to perform a certain task.  For example, a Widget may be used to automatically add fresh stories, photos, or videos to a web page.  You only provide the data through a single point of interaction, and the Widget handles all the technical and time-consuming backend manipulation to display the data as you directed.
Where can I use a Widget within my online content?
A Widget can be dropped into any online component, such as Facebook, TypePad, Blogger, iGoogle, Netvibes, or any HTML page to add functionality or simplify a process.
How do I add a Widget?
Widgets are snippets of readymade code that are designed to simply “drop” into an existing web page.  We provide the code, you simply “copy and paste” it into the webpage source where you would like the Widget displayed.  No external installation is required.
How long does it take to add a Widget?
It only takes a few minutes to customize, copy, and paste the code into your web page.
Can I re-size a Widget to fit my site?
Yes, all our Widgets are fully customizable.
Can I customize my Widget?
Yes, Widgets are designed to be easily customizable by modifying certain parameters as needed, such as color, font, and size.
Can I have a single Widget designed to appear on several blogs, social networks, or personal pages?
Yes, by using the same code, the same Widget will appear on as many different web pages as you like.  But, if you wish to have the Widget customized for each page, then you need to use different code customizations for different websites.
How do I update content for a particular Widget?
Widgets have a user-friendly Administration Panel where you can add, update, or remove content with just a few clicks.
I’m having trouble signing up for an account.  What can I do?
Please contact us here if you have any problems or questions.
What browsers do you support?
We support all the major browsers and Web Parts and Widgets:  Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome.
Can I see a product demonstration?
Yes, please follow this link to see a presentation demo:
Does WebpartsLive have any API facility where I can access all the data?
Yes, we provide all the data with Web Services for every Widget that can be accessed online or offline.
None of my Widgets are showing up!  What should I do?
Please consult the help pages to see if there is a simple solution.  If you are still having problems, please contact us here.
Can I request new product features?
Absolutely, we are always interested in user feedback to better accommodate our clients.
How can I associate with WebpartsLive?
Simply follow the one-click registration and copy and paste the code provided to your website source page and WebPartsLive will be working on your site!
I still have a question or issue not answered here.  Who should I contact?
Please contact us here and we will respond as quickly as possible.