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Contact Us Webpart Overview

AllianceTek’s Custom Contact US widget is a specially- designed live web part that enables you to easily incorporate the inquiry form on your Contact Us page.

Unlike other contact form widgets, our custom Contact Us web part requires No Database, No Coding, and No hosting. This is because that troublesome end is handled by us. This simplicity saves you time, effort and keeps your Custom Contact Us web part completely safe from hacking and malware inserts that can infiltrate and disable your site with other web forms.

The Custom Contact Us widget has a series of powerful features through which you can customize the look and feel of the Inquiry form. This CMS- based Custom Contact Us widget can be installed on your website within seconds.

Check out the following screen shots to see how easy it is to use the Custom Contact Us widget:

This Contact US web part enables the user to add a Basic Inquiry form in their Contact Us page. Visitors simply fill in the specified fields such as Name, Address, Phone Number, Website, Email Address and write their comment, suggestion or query. Of course, you can customize the Contact Us web part to your liking by telling us your unique specifications.


Step 1: Copy the javascript code specified for Contact Us page at required section of your website
Step 2: As a result of above step, page will be shown as below
Step 3: Simply save the code and refresh the page, the Inquiry Form will be displayed on your website. You will then receive an email every time a visitor fills out the Inquiry Form. Because the work is done on our end, the Custom Contact Us widget is completely safe and secure for your website.