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Event Calendar Webpart Overview

We’re out with event calendar expertise you can count upon. Our new addition of Event Calendar webpart/widget is the best fit for managing and scheduling your meetings, events, vacations and important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries and so on. It can be used for keeping personal records or professional records of all the important events in an orderly fashion.

The calendar can be viewed in a conventional grid format or in a month list format. The calendar allows you to add event, select date, month, year for the event start date and end date. You can also add the description on each event that can be viewed as pop-up window when the cursor is put on the specific day of the month.

The event calendar widget has a default Grid view with the complete list of events per day on the particular date box. Whereas, the list view format enables you to view the list of events in the descending order of the date.


Step 1: The following screenshot displays the Event Calendar’s Admin Panel. This section will enable you to Add/Edit the event description for your specified website.
Step 2: The following screenshot displays the admin panel section through which you can add the event description with start date and end date:
Step 3: The following screenshot displays the Event Calendar in the Grid format:
Step 4: The following screenshot displays the Event Calendar in the List format:
Step 5: The following screenshot displays the detailed note of the event which can be read as pop-up.