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Photo Gallery Webpart Overview

AllianceTek’s Photo Gallery widget is a specially designed live web part that enables you to easily upload pictures on your website or blog. The best thing about custom Photo Gallery Web Part is that it requires No Database, No Coding, and No hosting. You simply copy and paste the code. This saves you time and effort. While other widgets like this can open the door to hackers and malware inserts, the Custom Photo Gallery web part is completely secure because the technical work is done on our end.

The Custom Photo Gallery web part has a series of powerful features that enables the user to add as many pictures as possible to your website/blog. The uploading process is simple, safe, and completely secure.

This customized Photo Gallery web part can be installed on your website within minutes and also allows you to easily manage and categorize the photos to your unique specifications. This is done simply by registering yourself and entering your website where you require the Photo Gallery widget to be installed.

A code will be generated automatically, just copy/paste this code in your website’s HTML page and it’s done. It’s that simple!

All the pictures you upload in the admin panel of your webpartslive id will be displayed on your website.


Step 1: A code will be generated automatically, just copy/paste this code in your website’s HTML page
Step 2: Add the pictures that you wish to display on your website
Step 3: The user can add photos and also edit the images and the title of the images, or delete them as needed
This is how Photo Gallery will look like on your website
There are two ways in which you can show your photos with this Photo Gallery widget. You can choose any one of the following:

1. Slide show   OR   2. Light box
Customizing your photos with our Photo Gallery widget is as simple as can be.